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Abatech Provides High-Altitude Advice

In 2018 Abatech reached for the sky - providing paving advice with roads crossing the Andes in Chile. The road pavement was at 16,500 feet - the highest road we have ever worked on. This projected included the use of compaction aids in the asphalt binder (bitumen) to assist with achieving density at these high altitudes.

About Us

Abatech was formed in 1997 to provide independent consulting services and advanced technology to the asphalt, bitumen and aggregate industries. Abatech operates from locations in the USA, UK and Portugal providing services to a wide range of clients representing government, contractors, consultants, universities and various other institutions.

AMAP 2019

Dr. Rowe presented ideas on advanced rheology which are important for analysis of asphalt materials - download the presentation Advanced Rheological Analysis.

DAPS Updates

DAPS (Deflection Analysis of Pavement Structures) to version 2.0. This version allows for airport/airfield PCN and PCR method analysis and for the calculation of stresses and strains within a pavement structure.

This software is in use by many users around the world and Abatech can provide analysis for roadway and airfield pavement designs. For more information contact Geoff Rowe on +1 (267) 772-0096.

RHEA Updates

An version is now 1.2.32 (2017) and a new Beta version 2.0 has been issued (Beta 5) in February 2019. If you are a user with a current subscription and do not have a log-in account - please call Jenya on +1 (267) 251-1976.

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