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Airport Pavements

Airport pavement require special attention to design.  Abatech has been involved in many pavement investigations and other aspects of pavement design.

Typical Projects

Ft. Lauderdale Airport, FL

Design of modified asphalt pavement for heavy loading on behalf of supplier of modified asphalt materials with a value engineering proposal for use of novel materials.

Astana Airport, Kazakhstan

Assessment of climatic conditions at location and advice for selection of PG graded binders.

Bahamas International Airport

Detailed evaluation of airport runway structure and taxiways for design build proposal. Testing included FWD, dynamic cone penetrometer, and other soils testing. Detailed recommendations made for pavement rehabilitation.

Luton International Airport, United Kingdom

Analysis of early failure with grouted macadam pavement. Analysis included assessment of ground penetrating radar (GPR) of various data collected for turning circle at the end of the runway to identify voiding in pavement structure.

Newark International Airport

Detailed analysis of binder and mixture rheology to enable assessment of binder properties on early life cracking observed on runway structure.

Los Alamos Airport, New Mexico

Design of asphalt materials and construction quality control of asphalt materials placed around extension of parking areas for planes and light aircraft.

Ocala Airport, Florida

Advice on sealant materials and assessment of similar materials that had experienced early life cracking.

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