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Materials Evaluation

Pavements, roofing, bridge-decks and other industrial applications of asphalt and materials has been the core of Abatech growing business.  Services include specialized materials design, plant setup, quality control.  A variety of typical work is given below.


Dr. Rowe has pioneered the development of several methods for the evaluation of asphalt binders including the use of the Glover-Rowe parameter.  The techniques have application for assessing the aging propensity of binders and understanding the components that make a final paving material.


Polymer Plant Setup

Abatech can assist with the implementation of polymer plants for mixing various products to formulate binders for US PG binder grades and/or European CEN standards.

Asphalt & Other Material Formulations

Detailed information concerning the properties of various binders and modifiers allows Abatech to provide detailed advice with regard to material formulations. Formulations have been developed for various products in Europe, Asia and the USA.

A good evaluation of products requires detailed testing and analysis services. This starts with formulation using high shear mixing devices or other appropriate devices followed by testing with sophisticated rheometers and other laboratory procedures to assess performance at various aging conditions and stress/load levels.

Abatech's analysis procedures are cutting edge and we are the leading supplier of asphalt rheology software procedures for analysis of asphalt products. This enables our clients to have the best information in the assessment of products once all testing is complete.


Quality Control

The importance of good quality control can not be overstated at HMA and liquid asphalt or polymer modified bitumen plants. Abatech can implement a full ISO compliant QA scheme and with independent verification of first party verification as determined by client and specification needs.

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