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Abatech is extensively involved in the design of highway, airfield, port and industrial pavements to both European, North American and other national standards. With expertise in analytical design techniques, Abatech create effective and innovative solutions using the latest materials.


Software for Design

Abatech has customized in-house software and develops non-linear stress dependent analysis to analyze heady loads. This is particularly important for pavements that carry heavy loads, such as ports and industrial pavements. Software includes a detailed environmental effects model that allows full consideration of climate at any location worldwide given basic information.  In addition to Abatech in-house software the company uses many commercial packages that have been developed for use around the world.

Services: Services

Airport Pavements

Airport pavement require special attention to design.  Abatech has been involved in many pavement investigations and other aspects of pavement design.

Port & Intermodal Facilities

Abatech has extensive experience in the testing and design of pavements for ports and intermodal facilities. Our staff have been involved with various large scale projects such as the Port of Felixstow in Suffolk, England (which at that time was the largest block paving project used for a port application) and the pavements in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Elizabeth Terminal and others), since the late 1980s. Since 1997 when Abatech was formed the company has been continually involved with port pavements and intermodal facilities.

Abatech has customized software that specifically considers the interaction of soil-structure problems, including FE analysis, with very heavy loads.  Soils can be modeled as stress dependent or cross anisotropic. This helps to allows a full understanding of heavy loads on ports and industrial pavements. Soil models also include different failure criteria based upon various stress states.



Abatech is heavy involved with the provision of advice for the construction of design build pavements around the world. Projects have included locations in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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