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Abatech has developed a number of industry leading engineering software packages. Our in-house programmers can also develop custom applications for our clients with user-friendly Windows interfaces.

RHEA: Rheology Analysis

Asphalt binders, mixes, polymers and other materials. This software is the most advanced software available world-wide for rheology analysis of bituminous materials.

DAPS: Deflection Analysis of Pavement Structures

Abatech's software for back-analysis of FWD deflection data collected from various types of Falling Weight Deflectometers.

TSAR: Thermal Stress Analysis Routine

Binder critical cracking temperature. Implemented in AASHTO M320 - Table 2 specification with a calculation routine given in AASHTO PP-42 method.

Software manuals are included on the information page that contains other published data and/or links to information that will assist users in understanding the software further. 

Free Software

Services: Services


This is a software for calculation of Penetration Index, Binder stiffness using van de Poel's nomograph (1954) and mix stiffness using Bonnaure et al. (see AAPT 1977) nomograph.



This program calculates steady state viscosity as a surrogate for zero shear viscosity.


FWD  Widget

The FWD Widget is a simple program that illustrates some of the aspects of falling weight deflectometer testing and interpretation, it also provides a few useful tools, such as automatic interconversions of the Metric/Imperial units.

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