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Abatech provides a range of services that assists clients with legal related problems that can occur during the construction process.  The full range of services may include expert testimony in court or mediation backed by full laboratory evaluations and/or field testing programs. Work has been conducted in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Dr. Geoffrey Rowe leads this work for Abatech and with over 43-years of experience in the pavement engineering business he provides a unique insight into many type of problems experienced by clients.

Examples of Typical Problems

Distress in Asphalt Pavement

Hot-Mix Producer

North America - Pennsylvania

Early failure was blamed on hot-mix quality whereas failure occurred due to inadequate compaction by lay-down contractor.

Car Parking and Storage Yard

Facility Owner

North America - New York

Durability and quality of asphalt pavement, advice given on suitable remedial measures.

Early Life Distress in Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Shingle Manufacture

North America

Assessment of failures being considered for class action law-suit. Involved inspection of various building in the southeast USA and preparation of technical reports and testimony.

Claim for Excess Quantities of Materials

Design Consultant

North America - New Mexico

Type of operations by contractor resulted in excess usage of materials. Advice given to client on reasonable methods of construction.

Deformation of Boat-Yard Pavement

Design Consultant

North America - Florida

Finite element analysis suggested that the variable soil compaction properties resulted in excessive deformation of the pavement structure.

Failure of Interstate Highway

Bonding Company

North America - Georgia

Detailed pavement investigation and assessment of cause of failure.

Surface-Dressing of Parking Areas


South America - Guyana

Ambiguous design specification resulted in clients objectives not being met during the construction works.

Distress on DBFO Contract

Design-Build Consortium

Europe - Scotland

Problems occurred with various aspects of construction. Work was conducted to assess how failure was related to construction and design issues and appropriate advice given.

Disintegration of Road Surface

Road Authority

Europe - England

A road surface had disintegrated – an investigation concluded that the asphalt materials were susceptible to stripping and failure due to freeze thaw action.

Failure of Surfacing on Velodrome

Owner of Facility

Europe - England

Problem with compaction and over-fluxing of asphalt materials use on banking. Laboratory work conducted to assess these facts and advice given to owner on remedial works and claims against original contractor.

Friction Course Failure

Bitumen Modifier Company

Europe - England

A friction course failure was considered to have occurred due to the binder type adopted. Work conducted showed that inadequate compaction was most likely cause of failure.

Skidding Accident (Country Road)

Private Individual

Europe - England

Problem occurred on corner were the road owner has changed the surfacing type without consideration of the different frictional properties of the materials.

Thermal Cracking


Asia - Kazakhstan

Advice given with respect to thermal crack formation in asphalt roads.

Early Life Pavement Failures

Toll Road Owner

Asia - Philippines

Multiple early life failure of asphalt and concrete roads resulted in detailed investigation of problems and advice to client.

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