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Specifications in the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere in the world are increasingly dependent upon basic principles of rheology and the application of advanced computer techniques. An understanding of these basic principles is essential for those developing and applying specifications as well as developers and producers of new and enhanced binders and asphalt mixtures, and researchers in academia and industry. The purpose of these workshops is to introduce the basic principles of rheology as they apply to asphalt binders and mixtures, to introduce measurement principles and analytical concepts, and to provide a hands-on experience in the laboratory that is closely integrated with the classroom work. This highly interactive workshop is intended for engineers and scientists experienced with asphalt binders but seeking fundamental knowledge that is not available elsewhere. Workshop registration is limited to no more than 15 participants per session.

The principal instructors for the workshop are Drs. David A. Anderson and Geoffrey Rowe. Dr. Anderson, formally principal investigator for the Strategic Highway Research Program - project on Asphalt Binder Physical Tests, has a long history of working with many aspects of asphalt binders. Dr. Rowe, president of Abatech, has a wide range of experience and has been responsible for the development of a suite of software programs for rheological analysis of asphaltic materials.

(more photos of previous locations)

Dr. David Anderson working with students in lab session


Producing asphalt binder beams for BBR tesing

Inquiries and more details are available via e-mail from:

Dr. Geoffrey Rowe at

The workshops will be held at leading laboratories around the world, employing technicians and guest lecturers from these laboratories.

Typical course content

  • Introduction to rheology/basic principles
  • Rheology of asphalt binders and physical testing
  • Analysis of binders and mixtures
  • Hands-on laboratory sessions
  • Handling of materials in laboratory
  • Analysis and interpretation of laboratory data
  • Errors in rheological measurements
  • Use of rheological data in specifications in US, Europe, rest of world
  • Rheology and relationship to performance
  • Current research activities
  • Future directions and needs

Past Courses

2003 - PRI Asphalt Technologies, Tampa, Florida, USA
2003 - University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England, UK
2004 - Paragon, Jackson, Mississippi, USA
2008 - Western Research Institute, Wyoming, USA
2009 - Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2011 - Asphalt Institute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2011 - University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England, UK
2012 - Asphalt Institute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2013 - KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 - Gazprom Neft., St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 - Asphalt Institute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA
2014 - Asphalt Institute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Numerous private courses have also been given to commercial organizations.