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Software pricing and terms...

Cost of software

A shipping fee of $50 applies in the USA (all other locations $150).

A $50 dongle/hardware key fee is applied.  This dongle fee can include several software products - for example uses of RHEA and SIGNAL can purchase the software with a single key and hence only a single $50 fee is applied for both software products.

Software can be ordered by contacting Abatech Inc., PO Pox 356, Blooming Glen, PA 18911, or e-mail or   or by calling +1(215) 258 3640.

Letter quotations can be provided on request.

Software name Purchase Price Maintenance/Support Annual Fee after 2-years
TSAR $1,500 $300
TSAR Plus $3,000 $600
TSAR Pro $3,500 $700
PIDT $3,500 $700
RHEA $3,500 $800
SIGNAL $3,500 $800
DAPS $2,000 $600
LEAPS $3,500 $700
PDC(t) $2,000 $400

Software support is provided for the year of purchase plus the following year.  After this period of time additional updates, dongle/hardware key support and other technical support results in a yearly charge as given above.  This charges provides access to our secure web site which contain the various software files.  As updates are released the current users will receive an automatic e-mail with that information.

For software users who have lapsed in updates, additional charges may apply to update to the current version.

The developers of this software may have made statements about this software, either in person or in print. Any such statements do not constitute warranties and shall not be relied on by the user in deciding weather to acquire or use this program. Because of the diversity of conditions and hardware under which this program may be used, no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is offered. The user is advised to become familiar with the underlying concepts, assumptions and limitations of this calculation procedure, and to test the program thoroughly to determine the extent to which it can be relied upon. The user assumes the entire risk as to the applicability, results and performance of this software. Any liability of the developers will be limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of the purchase price, excluding shipping and handling. The developers of this software shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages (including damages for loss of business information, and the like) arising out of any claim regarding the use of or inability to use the licensed software.

End User License Agreement (EULA)
The owner of the copyright grants the registered owner of the program a non-exclusive, non-transferable worldwide right and license to use and display the licensed software. The software is hardware protected and this license allows only a single user on a single machine. In addition, this does not allow the registered owner to sell or otherwise release the software to third parties. The software system and manual are copyrighted and proprietary materials. The use of the software shall be acknowledged in all resulting publications, including but not limited to technical papers and consulting reports. No subroutine(s) shall be extracted from the program, in total or in part, for use in another program. The registered owner shall not adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create derivative works based on the licensed software. The program will not be used, in total or in part, in the development of a new program, to be distributed under a different name, except with the explicit and written permission of the owner of the copyright.  

Reservation of rights
Abatech reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions of sale from time to time.

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