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Abatech has developed a number of industry leading engineering software packages. Our in-house programmers can also develop custom applications for our clients with user-friendly Windows interfaces.

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RHEA Rheology Analysis - asphalt binders, mixes, polymers and other materials.  This software is the most advanced software available world-wide for rheology analysis of bituminous materials.
Hardware keys:  Two types of keys (please indicate which is preferred with order) are available to all users as shown below.
SIGNAL Analysis of Raw Data Signal - IPC, Cox, Interlaken and other equipment.  This software has become more important as workers in the asphalt industry prepare master curves for the implementation of mechanistic-empirical pavement design methods.
Parallel Port Key 
LEAPS Layered Elastic Analysis of Pavement Structures.  A sophisticated software available for research groups for analysis of complex pavement interactions.
DAPS Deflection Analysis of Pavement Structures - for FWD data.  Abatech's software for back-analysis of FWD deflection data collected from various types of Falling Weight Deflectometers.
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TSAR Thermal Stress Analysis Routine - binder critical cracking temperature.  Implemented in AASHTO M320 - Table 2 specification with a calculation routine given in AASHTO PP-42 method.
PIDT Process Indirect Tensile Test - with thermal stress analysis
PDC(T) analysis of - ASTM D7313 - 07a Standard Test Method for Determining Fracture Energy of Asphalt-Aggregate Mixtures Using the Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Geometry.


Software manuals are included on the information page that contains other published data and/or links to information that will assist users in understanding the software further. 

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